Task Force Dagger Foundation is dedicated to providing immediate assistance to wounded, ill, or injured Soldiers and their families, and the families of casualties from the United States Army Special Operations Command.

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TF Dagger was established in order to address additional needs of wounded Army special operations soldiers and their families within the USASOC community. The founding members have all served in Army special operations units and have experienced these types of difficulties during their careers with the US Army Special Operations.   

Why the Task Force Dagger Name? Task Force Dagger was the designation of the Special Forces elements that conducted the initial invasion into Afghanistan following the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11th, 2001. Task Force Dagger was comprised of elements from the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC).

For more than forty years, USASOC units have been the tip of the spear in defending and protecting the United States. These warriors live in the shadows protecting the American way of life. Living by the motto of “The Quiet Professionals,” these soldiers deploy around the world working to keep Americans safe while keeping their presence unknown but to a few.

Activated on December 1st, 1989, USASOC is comprised of the following units :
US Army Special Forces, US Army Rangers, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, 95th Civil Affairs Brigade, Sustainment Brigade (Special Operations), and the 4th Psychological Operations Group.

The Task Force Dagger Foundation Executive Staff

Frank Antenori
Frank served over sixteen years within the Army Special Forces and retired with twenty years of active service. Frank co-authored the book Roughneck 91 about his teams exploits against the Iraqis at Dbecka Pass. Frank now works in the defense industry in Tucson Arizona, and is an Arizona State Senator.

Ben Bethke
Ben served over fifteen years within the Army Special Operations Community and retired with just over twenty-two years of active service. Ben now works for Black Optex, Inc. providing night vision optics accessories and tactical equipment to the US Army.

Charles K. (Keith) David
Keith served sixteen years within the Army Special Forces and retired with twenty years of active service. Keith now works in the defense industry providing thermal weapon sights and crew-served precision engagement systems to the US Army and the US Special Operations Command.

Rick L. Walker
Rick served over twenty-five years in the Army Special Forces and retired with thirty years active service. Rick is now retired and consults part time in the defense industry as well as other companies.

Scott R. Gronowski
Scott continues to serve with the Army Special Forces. He has over 24 years of service and has also served with the US Army Rangers.

SOF Health Awareness – POC Geoff Dardia – Geoff.dardia@taskforcedagger.org

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