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The Task Force Dagger Foundation Health Initiative Program started with Geoff Dardia, a SOF community member, in 2013.
His story started like many others: he was “banged up” physically, mentally, and emotionally. Facing divorce, medical retirement, deep depression, and suicidal ideation, he refused to accept standard of care and refused to believe a large portion of his symptoms were “all in [his] head.” About the SOF Health Program
Geoff sought care outside the conventional medical system. He started a transformational health experience that he later continued with the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, the flagship clinical care and research facility for the Institute of Functional Medicine. This experience not only showed Geoff what was driving his conditions and causing his symptoms, but it also empowered him to address these root causes and protect himself from exposures inherent to the Military Operational Environment.

Ever since his healing experience in 2013 — in true force multiplier fashion — Geoff has been recruiting diverse professionals and advocates who share his Mission, Purpose & Focus. Their work through the Health Initiatives Program continues to empower others in the community and build the case for taking a Person-Oriented Medical Approach to caring for our soldiers and special operators.