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Dagger Dive

Dagger Dive, is the foundation’s premier rehabilitative adaptive event and the longest running program for Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation.

TFDSOF sponsors activities that foster a sense of well-being, offer encouragement, and assist the service member’s rehabilitation and recovery from wounds/injuries sustained while serving our country. One of our core beliefs is that if the service member is injured, the whole family is injured and must heal together.

Participating in an activity that requires focus, like diving unites families and encourages them to work together for a common goal. Families that participate in the Dagger Dive event spend multiple days learning how to dive before exploring the waters off of Key West together. The week of learning, diving and family-centric activities rebuilds the relationships between parents and children and spouses, healing the whole family.

Dagger Dive Support Team

Sandee Gronowski

Director of Dagger Dive

Mark Flory

DCB Member

Ed Deagle (DCB)

Chairman of the DCB / Dive Safety Officer (DSO)

David (Dave) Palandro

Senior Marine Scientist

Alan Williams

Joint Recovery Team Operations Support


We retuned from a week-long retreat with Task Force Dagger Dive and it was truly life-changing. I am so grateful to this foundation for sponsoring me and my partner, who is medically retired from US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. 
TFDSOF is one of the only organizations that believes it’s not just the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) member that serves, it’s also the family that serves. 
There is a significant ripple effect on families due to the type of training and traumatic injuries that SOCOM service members experience from their work. Task Force Dagger’s mission is to directly combat these effects and improve the health, wellbeing, and quality of life for the Special Forces family community. 
We didn’t realize this kind of support existed and just how much we stood to benefit from it. We had the chance to connect with so many incredible families, learn about health rehabilitation, and heal. 
– Jo Minhinnett

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