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Chairman of the DCB / Dive Safety Officer (DSO)

Ed recently retired after 23+ years in the Army and 15 years in Army Special Operations. He spent the majority of his career at Fort Bragg until he finally retired from MacDill AFB in Tampa. Ed grew up around the water and earned his initial scuba certification in 1995. Diving rapidly became a central part of his life outside the Army as he steadily progressed from entry scuba diver to technical diver, rebreather diver, and scuba instructor by 2005. After many years and many, many dives Ed’s diving qualifications include:

  • NAUI Course Director
  • TDI Instructor
  • DAN Instructor-Trainer

Ed is also now a dive shop owner in the Gulfport – St Petersburg area. He teaches everything from entry level diving through instructor-trainer and technical diving. Ed is certified on a number of rebreathers and considers mixed-gas rebreather wreck diving his passion. Bonaire is his favorite dive destination and he is there any chance he gets. Ed has been working with the Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation since 2010.

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Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation provides assistance to wounded, ill, or injured US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) members and their families. We respond to urgent needs, conduct Rehabilitative Adaptive Events (RAE), and provide next-generation health solutions for issues facing our service members.

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