Mark Stephens – U.S. Army Special Operations (Ret)

Mark Stephens retired after serving 21(+) years in Army Special Operations. His first assignments were with United States Army Special Forces in Okinawa, Japan and Fort Bragg, NC. Later Mark was selected and spent 3/4 of his time in the military with the Nation’s Special Mission Unit, as a Special Operations Operator in numerous positions.

Mark Stephens’ combat / real world operational deployments include 3 deployments to Iraq for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, 3 deployments to Afghanistan for OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (to include being first boots on the ground as part of TASK FORCE SWORD), Somalia (OPERATION GOTHIC SERPENT / Battle of Mogadishu), in Colombia (Cartel operations), in the Balkans / Bosnia (Persons Indicted For War Crimes operations and Diplomatic High Threat protection), other significant real world classified operational / combat deployments include Honduras (OPERATION GOLDEN PHEASANT), Panama, Middle East, Europe, counter-narcotics operations with the USCG and other.

Mark Stephens is the Sr. Executive Director of CUBIC’s Special Operations & Strategic Accounts. Mark has been volunteering with Task Force Dagger Foundation since 2012 and joined the Executive Board of Directors in 2015.

Mark Stephens  U.S. Army Special Operations (Ret)