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Mission Essential

Bryan spent 8 years active in the United States Marine Corps then studied International Development and Economics at the George Washington University. Since 1995 he has managed personnel and processes in the intelligence services fields for the Federal Government, managing operations in over 35 countries for contracts over $9 billion.

After years as a Signals Intelligence Analyst in the Marine Corps, he established himself in media exploitation and forensics. He managed a Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) team where he directed the flow, handling, and distribution of materials from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. While managing the DOMEX team, he participated in the technical development of multiple software applications used still today by the National Ground Intelligence Center, Office of Naval Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency and National Media Exploitation Center.

In 2012 he joined Mission Essential as Director of BD to invigorate their Language and Intelligence analysis offerings with the primary goal of developing and winning large contracts deploying linguists and analysts to support the warfighter.

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Since 2009, Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation has provided critical support to wounded, ill, or injured U.S. Special Operations Command members and their families. Task Force Dagger’s three core programs — Immediate Needs, Health Initiatives, and Rehabilitative Adaptive Events — quickly help when there’s an emergency, provide next-generation health solutions for issues, and organize events that help SOF members with recovery. As a veteran-operated nonprofit, Task Force Dagger understands the needs and experiences of the Special Operations Forces community. Each program is designed to heal, rebuild, and strengthen the service member and their family by providing mission, purpose, and focus.

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