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Emeritus Executive Board Member

Frank Antenori was a member of 5th SFG for many years. He also served as an instructor at the Special Warfare Center in the 18D course, and then joined 3rd SFG as a team sergeant Frank served over sixteen years within the Army Special Forces and retired with twenty years of active service. Frank is a post 9/11 combat veteran. Post retirement Frank co-authored the book Roughneck 91 about his teams exploits against the Iraqis at Dbecka Pass. Frank also served as a Senator for the State of Arizona as well as working full time in the defense industry.

As a Founder and based on Frank’s contributions, selflessness and integrity to the foundation and the people we support; it was a unanimous vote that we acknowledge him by making Frank an Executive Board Member “Emeritus”.

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Since 2009, Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation has provided critical support to wounded, ill, or injured U.S. Special Operations Command members and their families. Task Force Dagger’s three core programs — Immediate Needs, Health Initiatives, and Rehabilitative Adaptive Events — quickly help when there’s an emergency, provide next-generation health solutions for issues, and organize events that help SOF members with recovery. As a veteran-operated nonprofit, Task Force Dagger understands the needs and experiences of the Special Operations Forces community. Each program is designed to heal, rebuild, and strengthen the service member and their family by providing mission, purpose, and focus.

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